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Should You Publish Prices On Your Freelance Site?

If you research the topic online, you’ll find a lot of conflicting opinions about displaying prices on a freelance writing website — which is a good illustration of why it’s better to rely on facts.

But first, watch this to get a sense of how consumers feel about this issue. Even if this guy is not your ‘ideal client’, he speaks for a lot of people!

For a more businesslike discussion, this author talks about his results after writing articles that specifically mentioned pricing:

It’s not directly about listing prices on a freelancer’s site, but it addresses online buyers’ behavior, so the same logic applies.

Bottom line: think about your own experience when you shop online.

Are you more likely to buy from a website that forces you to  call or send an email to find out how much your purchase will cost, or one that clearly displays the price?

The article also points out other benefits to being up-front about pricing on your website.  For example, by search engine  optimizing the pages you can screen for the type of clients who are willing to pay for services in your price range.

Here’s another article that reinforces the SEO potential of adding a discussion of pricing on your freelance site:

As a side note, and a way to upgrade your income, think about this: when was the last time you you heard a well-paid consultant talk about their ‘prices’?

Use the word ‘fees’. That one little change can elevate your status to a whole new level.