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Upgrade Your Freelance Writer’s Website With This Low-Cost WordPress PlugIn

WordPress rocks!One of the challenges of running a freelance writing business is the threat of overload, because we do most everything ourselves.

Especially during the first year or two when there’s not a lot of spare spending money laying around!

So I’m always on the look out for tools or systems I can use to automate my work flow — like autoresponders, and…well, WordPress itself.

For example, to keep fresh content on the site, it’s easier to write a couple of posts when I have the spare time, and schedule them for later publishing.

Another thing I  discovered is this slick little MemberGenius plugin for WordPress.

I installed it on my freelance site so I can set up private areas for tutorials, and FAQs that will help my clients, but I don’t want to publish publicly.

Each client gets his or her own password, so we can also post messages back and forth, etc.  It also lets me publish an individual scope of work — with a PayPal payment button –  so I can get immediate payment, or additional payments if the client makes a change, orders more, etc.

I’ve handled all of this for years via email, and that works.  But I like having a central location where all of the correspondence, support materials and payment transactions are easy for both of us to locate.

It’s like having my own private BaseCamp — without the monthly subscription. And it’s extremely easy to install and set up! (If you buy it and need help — and I don’t think you will — just let me know!)

You can check it out here.  It’s just $27 for a single site license, which is all you need for your freelancing business site.

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